Martial Arts addresses so many of the issues kids face today from school and street safety to having the self confidence to know how to handle a bully. Over 90% of the parents of our students regularly report improvement in the areas of Confidence, Focus, and reaching Academic Goals.


Martial Arts delivers kids and adults the confidence and self discipline to persevere in life, at school, on the ball field, or in the work force. Martial Arts is the unparalleled sport–transforming the whole person giving them skills FOR LIFE.

Nicole Koch
Roseville, CA

“We LOVE Kovars! It’s so much more than kicks & punches! We love the instructors, the positive reinforcement, the personalization, the fun, the “family feeling”, the belt ceremonies/pot lucks, the community service, the talks about bullies/what to do if you get lost/how to be a good friend, the encouragement to do homework/eat healthy … it’s a program on how to be a good person and good contribution to society!”

Kym Brown
Elk Grove, CA

“When we began Kovar’s almost 5 years ago, my hope and goal was for it to help my son control his emotion and find more appropriate ways for him to “channel” his frustration. The program has far exceeded my hope and my son has developed much greater control than I had thought possible. It has helped him not only in karate class, but in all aspects of his life and other activities.”

Suzanne Schroeder
Granite Bay, CA

“The only call I’ve received from the principal came a few months ago after my son, who is a Kovar’s brown belt, was punched by a classmate (unprovoked). The principal commended the way he used his words and didn’t physically retaliate (though he was prepared to defend himself). I told the principal that I credit Kovar’s with teaching him how to diffuse a tense situation, and (most importantly) how to exhibit self-control.”