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Dave Chamberlain,
Chief Executive Officer, is a seasoned senior executive with experience in high-profile corporate environments and fast growing start-ups. He is a proven leader with a consistent track record of success. Prior to joining Kovar’s Satori Academy, he held executive management positions at Gateway Computer and IBM. Dave has earned his 2nd degree Black Belt and is training for his third.

“Over a 37-year career, I have had the good fortune to work with some extraordinary teams, but none quite as talented or more passionately committed about what they do than the team at Kovar’s.”

Bryan Nay,
General Manager of Kovar Systems Division (which provides products and services to help other martial arts schools thrive), brings a unique combination of Martial Arts training and practical business experience to the Kovar’s team. He began training in the Martial Arts in 1990 and first started teaching in 1998. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo and 2nd degree in Olympic Tae Kwon Do and has held management positions both in Human Resources and Operations at a Fortune 50 company. With a solid track record for developing solid business systems and highly effective teams, he also oversees the operation of the Carmichael academy.


Dave Kovar,
Founder and Chief Training Officer,
founded Kovar’s Martial Arts in 1978. An internationally renowned instructor with black belt degrees in ten different martial arts styles, Dave is recognized as a “Trainer of Trainers.” People from around the world routinely visit our Sacramento facilities to learn his instructional techniques. The Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) has retained Dave and Kovar’s Systems to provide monthly training videos to industry participants as well as articles in its monthly magazine. Dave’s systems have been implemented at hundreds of schools around the country.

Having earned Black Belt-level expertise in ten different martial arts disciplines, Kyoshi Kovar has spent a lifetime honing his knowledge of martial arts. He has built relationships with martial arts luminaries like John Hackleman
(Trainer of Chuck Liddell), Mike Swain
(5-time Olympian in Judo), Carlos Valente (7th-Degree Black Belt in
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
under Rickson Gracie),
and many others to
bring the best that
Martial Arts has to
offer to you.

“Our management
team is no less than
AMAZING! It consists
of a group of ethical,
talented, hard
working people and
I am blessed to work
with them.”


Ken Grube,
Director of Instruction, is a lifelong martial artist with a 6th degree Black Belt. Since 1991, Ken has trained directly under Dave Kovar. He has over 25 years of experience as an educator both in and outside of the martial arts industry. Ken is a mentor to all of Kovar’s Head Instructors.

Deanna Weeks,
Chief Financial Officer, has over thirty years experience in the accounting field. She is a CPA with extensive financial experience in working with companies across diverse industries. In 2008, she earned her Black Belt at Kovar’s Satori Academy.

Larry Caldera,
Director of Operations, has an extensive background in organizational integration. Larry has been consistently successful at developing operational system platforms that enable multi-unit operations to run at peak efficiency. His expertise in leading-edge technology and customer service teams helps Kovar’s Satori Academy be an industry leader in both customer satisfaction and retention. Larry’s entire family trains. Larry has earned his 1st degree Black Belt and is training for his 2nd degree.

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