The team and I are excited to share our fresh new logo for Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts! When I started my first martial arts school 35 years ago, I never imagined how great the next three and a half decades in the Sacramento region would be. Back then, there weren’t many options for children and families to learn Martial Arts skills together and I
wanted to make it possible. Martial Arts has changed a lot since the early days, and I’m proud of how many families come to train with us now.


We decided to refresh our logo to reflect the impact Kovar’s has made on
Martial Arts in the Sacramento region. All of us are making
a difference in our community as families who embody the black belt creed:
indomitable spirit, generosity, experiential teamwork, and community
growth. You’ll see our new logo roll out slowly over 2014, but our spirit is
already there. You don’’t have to buy new equipment or gis with the new logo, but we will be rolling out a new selection later this year if you’d like to freshen up your supplies.

Thank you for helping us change the face of Martial Arts in the
Sacramento region, I can’t wait to grow with you for the next 35 years!