Giving and Receiving

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Dave Kovar Award – Kyoshi Kovar is honored by the MAIA
and presented with the Lifetime Achievement award.

Dave Kovar, author of a “Dad’s Toolbox”, being interviewed on
Good Day Sacramento by Montel Williams and Marianne McClary
(June 2011).

Better Living Tips

Giving and Receiving
Judging a Person’s Character
Habits That Serve You

Family Health and Fitness Tips

A Little Bit of Exercise
Eating Mindfully
Good Posture

Coaching Children To Success Tips

Be Easily in Awe
Public Praise, Private Reprimand
Don’t Speak In Anger

Just For Kids Tips

Communicate with Confidence
Winners Never Quit
The Power of a Polite Greeting

And Just For Fun

Extreme Martial Arts Demo 1
Extreme Martial Arts Demo 2
Extreme Martial Arts Demo 3