Cycle 7: August 2 to September 5, 2021

Week 1 Messages of the Week

Junior - Beginner

Message of the Week - Good Habits

In this cycle we will be discussing some strategies that will help you develop good habits. What do you think it means to have good habits? Here are some examples: Do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, eat good foods, brush your teeth, clean your room, and do your homework. It is important to develop good habits because they make life easier. Having bad habits can make life hard.

“Good habits are hard to make, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to make, but hard to live with.” It takes a conscious, deliberate effort to develop good habits. It is hard to develop self-discipline. It is hard to stay focused and not get sidetracked. It takes courage to always be responsible for your actions. It takes effort to learn to be non-judgmental. If you can develop these habits, life will be easier, more fun, and more rewarding. The opposite is also true, it is easy to be lazy and sloppy and not try hard. In the long run, these bad habits will hold you back and keep you from enjoying a great life.

This cycle we will learn a special phrase that we can repeat to ourselves to help us develop good habits, “Good habits are hard to make, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to make, but hard to live with.” Say this out loud a few times. By memorizing this phrase we can bring it to mind when we're in a situation where we need to apply self-discipline, focus, and courage, which will develop good habits.

Junior - Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt

Message of the Week - GOALS

It is a scientific fact - people who have their goals written down are much more successful than those who only
“keep their goals in their head.” Harvard, one of the world’s best universities, did a study over a 20-year period.
They interviewed the graduating class and found out that only two out of every 100 students had written their goals down.
Twenty years later, they interviewed these same people and they found out something very interesting—the financial success of the
2% with the written goals was more than the combined financial success of the other 98% put together! Consider some of your goals for
school, career, and life, writing them down will give you a greater chance of achieving them. Every week review your goals by reading
them. If you think of a new goal add it by writing it down.



In Martial Arts, quickness is the ability to respond instantly and without hesitation. Quickness comes from the synchronization of the mind and the body. The ability to execute any physical skill quickly makes that skill more effective.

The parallel human quality to quickness is alertness. Being alert allows you to respond quickly and decisively in any given situation. In the same way you want to eliminate hesitation in your physical skills, you want to use your alertness to eliminate procrastination in other aspects of life. A procrastinator is a thief of his or her own time. Things that should be done today should not be put off until tomorrow.

So, let your alertness be your “early warning system” of any potential problems in your life and in particular, watch how it helps you eliminate procrastination.