Cycle 7: August 5 to September 8, 2019

Week 5 Messages of the Week

Junior - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt

Message of the Week - BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER WEEK 3

Think about what are some of your new goals for this school year. Remember, it's best to write your goals on paper and post them someplace where you can look at them every day. This week we will talk about some strategies to help you reach your goals. If you have a big, long-term goal, it can be helpful to break down your journey and make an action plan for the steps you will take while working toward the goal.

Decide what your daily, weekly and monthly goals will be to reach the larger goal. For example: Let’s say that your goal this school year is to earn a good grade in math. That’s a big, important, worthy goal! It will most likely require a series of actions you will need to do to reach that goal. Your daily goals could be paying attention in class and doing your math homework each night. Your weekly goals could be studying for quizzes and asking for help on tricky problems. Making an action plan for your goal that includes these daily, weekly and monthly steps is an important part of goal-setting that can help you be successful. Remember to celebrate your victories along the way, each time you accomplish one of the weekly or monthly goals, give yourself a pat on the back for completing that step.

Tell someone about your goals – telling your support team about your goals can help you stay on track. Think about who you could ask to encourage you and help you stay focused (parents, siblings, classmates, teachers). Think of some goals you would like to accomplish this year. Now try to come up with an action plan made up of smaller daily, weekly, and monthly steps to help you accomplish that goal.



This week we are going to learn a slogan that will remind us how we can become good at ANYTHING we want: “Consistent practice, with effort, over time”.

Whatever you want to be good at, just remember, “Consistent practice, with effort, over time.” This is the basis of how we teach martial arts at Kovar's. When you encounter a higher belt rank than you the reason they have become competent at what they’ve learned is because they've applied “Consistent practice, with effort, over time.” It's that simple.