Cycle 8: September 10 to October 13, 2018

Week 2 Messages of the Week

Junior - All Levels

Message of the Week - BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER WEEK 2

Think about what are some of your new goals for this school year. Remember, it's best to write your goals on paper and post them someplace where you can look at them every day. Doing homework regularly is an important part of being successful in school. Taking time now, at the beginning of the year, to decide on good homework habits can help you reach your school goals this year.

When do you do your homework? It’s important to know that everyone is not the same when it comes to doing homework, and no one plan will work for all students.
• Some kids can do homework as soon as they get home from school.
• Some kids might need a snack first and then do homework.
• Some kids need to recharge their batteries after school, taking 30 minutes of free time before doing homework.
• Not everyone can stay focused for the same period of time. While some may be able to sit down and finish their homework others will need breaks. Working for 30 minutes on homework, taking a 10 minute break, then working for 30 minutes more might be the solution.

Where do you do your homework?
• Having a specific place to do homework helps to establish a routine.
• Having as few distractions as possible helps us to focus. This might mean keeping the TV off or working in a quiet part of the house.

Decide where and when you will do your homework each night. It is probably a good idea to talk with your family about your plans so they can help you succeed.



This week we are going to discuss the V.A.K. Model of Communication. V.A.K. stands for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. These are the three primary ways we communicate with each other. We all communicate with each other on all three levels, but we generally tend to operate in one more than the others.

Lets use the example of putting something together to explain these different communication styles:
"V" - A visual person tends to be more hyper, enthusiastic, and movement oriented - someone who looks at the pictures before assembling something.
"A" - An auditory person tends to be more “Engineer-like”; into facts and figures - someone that reads directions before assembling something.
"K" - A kinesthetic person tends to be more grounded in their emotions. They tend to be more intuitive - when assembling something, they might look at the pictures and read the instructions, but mostly they are going to assemble it based on what feels right.

Great communicators are able to effectively communicate on all three levels. They try to be visually animated, verbally clear, and appeal to their listener’s feelings. Think about which communication style is most natural for you. Think of people you know that have a different communication style. This week, try to communicate with them more in their style. You’ll be surprised how well this strengthens your bond with that person.