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2017 – Volume 1, 1/6/2017

Special Edition 2016
End of Year Message, 12/29/2016


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Volume 2 Newsletter

Released 2/9/2017

Dear Friends,

I hope 2017 is off to a great start for our Kovar’s families. I’d like to take a moment to discuss what I think is one of the most important qualities we teach as part of our curriculum, perseverance.  We say it in many different ways and forms.  Whether it be from goal setting to having an indomitable spirit, it’s the same important message. I can’t stress how this one concept has served our students and adults time and time again. From persevering and obtaining a black belt to finishing a tough course in college and finally graduating and pursuing a promising career. So many past students have come back literally decades later and shared how their training in Martial Arts helped shape their futures and become the professionals they are today.


Additionally the most typical physical confrontation lasts about 30 seconds. In order to overcome an unplanned encounter or dangerous situation, perseverance is vital to a positive outcome.


I am reminded of my own personal story of perseverance which lead me to purchase my first Kovar’s Martial Arts location that is now the Carmichael academy. I painted houses and scraped money together for 4 years in order to make the purchase–I was in my early twenties at the time but the perseverance that I embodied from my martial arts training wouldn’t let me quit. And today, Kovar’s is 9 academies strong!


Whatever your fitness, athletic, or professional goals are training in martial arts can help you achieve them. The focus, discipline, and perseverance that is learned is what makes this art so unique. As 2017 unfolds I look forward to the challenges we will champion together whether in our communities, social causes, or helping to shape the lives and characters of our students.



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Your in health,
Kyoshi Dave Kovar


Vol. Two • Feb 6 – Mar 12



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