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Best School Year Ever

If you would like to speak with someone to discuss any aspect of training while transitioning to a new School year, please call your academy or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you:

At Kovar’s our goal is to help your child be more successful, not just in martial arts, but at home and in school.

As families transition to a new school year, schedules may get busier. We want to assist you to have your best school year ever and experience first hand the benefits of martial arts training can have on increased focus, retention, reaching academic goals, and better performance in other sports.

Here are some good habits to start and tips about martial arts that will help your child be more successful.

  • Create Morning and Nightly Routines
  • Establish and Post a Daily Schedule
  • Share and Communicate at Home
  • Encourage Positive Relationships
  • Create Great Homework Habits
  • Martial Arts Improves Hand-Eye Coordination, Flexibility and Balance in all other Sports
  • Martial Arts Teaches Personal and Physical Confidence which is the first defense against being picked on by bullies.
  • Reaching Goals such as Obtaining a Black Belt Weighs Positively on Job/College Applications

Earn the Purple Homework Star!

Additionally, to help your child develop good homework habits during this time. Kovar’s offers an incentive to students who complete a their homework and turn it in on time: a Purple star for their uniform!