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We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team! If you have the drive and passion to make a difference, we’d love to have you join the Kovar’s family.

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Why Kovar's Satori Academy of Martial Arts?

At Kovar's Satori Academy, we exist to Shape the World by empowering people of all ages to become more confident, healthy, happy, and contributing members of society. We are dedicated to our mission to serve and strive for the greater good.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are driven to serve and strive for the greater good
  • Commit to honoring their commitments
  • Strive to instill confidence, health, and happiness in others through martial arts training and guidance

Cultural Values

Operate with excellence
Operate only with industry-leading excellence. Our place is at the leading edge of health, fitness, & martial arts.
Never stop growing
Embody C.A.N.I. (Constant And Never-ending Improvement). Learn, develop new skills, innovate, and thrive.
Exemplify Leadership
Lead by daily example, with integrity and with passion. Be someone others would want to follow.
Train hard, work hard, play hard
Give it your all, enjoy the process, and create memories along the way.
Expect honesty and empathy
Provide timely & candid feedback. Assume the best of intentions. Expect the same from others.
Appreciate and serve our community
Seek opportunities to give back & express gratitude for the opportunity to do what we do.
Mentor and inspire others
Help others to achieve more & become their very best. This is the true calling of what we do.

There are many places we could be, but we choose to be here, together, as ONE TEAM. We help each other grow, achieve more, and accomplish together what we could not on our own.

We are ONE TEAM.
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Employee Benefits

Kovar’s benefits program is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and enhance the work-life balance of our employees.

Our benefits are an integral part of the total compensation package available to full-time workers (38+ hours/week). All eligible employees receive:

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Holiday Pay: 10 Paid Holidays/Year
  • Martial Arts Training Tuition
  • Medical Coverage
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Dental Coverage
  • On-the-job Training & Certifications
  • Vision Coverage
  • Career Coaching & Mentorship Opportunities
  • Chiropractic/Acupuncture Coverage
  • 401K Retirement Plan with matching
  • Health Savings Account
  • Paid Time Off: Two weeks/year to start, and more based on tenure

Open Positions

We're always looking for talented and driven individuals to join our team! If you’re interested in exploring new opportunities with us, please take a moment to browse through the jobs we currently have available and apply if you feel your skillset is a good fit.

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Teachers In Training

We take pride in developing the talents and skills of our team members and providing mentorship opportunities for the next generation. We offer various ways to get involved even before being hired! Our Teachers In Training program is a future-leader training program designed to teach character building, public speaking, critical thinking, workplace professionalism, and more. This invitation-only program is open to Kovar’s Satori Academy students, ages 13 and up, who demonstrate a passion for learning.

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We also offer limited internship opportunities in various positions within our academies and through our Support Services central office. This is an excellent opportunity to explore different career paths such as Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, I.T., and more with the help of a mentor who will guide your development and maximize your learning experience.