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How Martial Arts Helps to Shape the World

Martial Arts has a wonderfully unique way in shaping our world in the most positive way.

Written by
Kovar's Satori Academy

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? If so keep reading...A parent spends countless hours trying to keep their active child from running into danger. Many children are overly energetic and have no place but home and school to let their energy loose. The parent is stressed out. Teachers are on edge and the child is still wreaking havoc each day.An older person is stuck at home and afraid they may be at the end of their years. They have a bad back and their memory is fading. They want to get in shape but all the other sports are full of younger athletes and they are embarrassed to join them.A security guard in the field relies on their flashlight and phone. They aren’t allowed to carry a weapon, but face danger and questionable situations every night. Last year their coworker was hospitalized by a trespasser and they imagine themselves in the emergency room some day too.A teenager feels alone and exiled by their peers for dressing differently and being interested in things others don’t understand. They tried to fit in but were too shy and anxious to audition for marching band or a role in the school play. They are sad and lonely, wondering if anyone even knows they exist.Training in Martial Arts can benefit each of these situations. Martial Arts can help!Martial Arts has a wonderfully unique way of shaping our world in the most positive way. It can address many of the problems of daily life and offers solutions that many can get behind. It solves issues of focus, confidence, fitness, energy, self-defense, discipline, and so much more.A parent can bring their child to a martial arts class and know that the instructor will help burn that extra energy and give them the focus needed to grow into a strong and confident adult.Someone who feels hindered by their age or an ailment can work with their fellow martial artists at their own pace and comfort level, all the while strengthening their body and their mind.If a person feels unsafe, unguarded martial arts allows them to walk confidently and protect themselves from harm. They can become more aware of their surroundings, more confident in their movements, and know what to do when danger appears.And finally, martial arts gives us a place to belong.In a world where you can feel overwhelmed by all the people and issues you have to deal with on a daily basis and at the same time feel so alone, martial arts offers a place for community and belonging. Friends, family, and teachers gather together to learn an ancient art that honors the past and protects the future. With all the many different types of training available, there will definitely be a place for everyone to fit in and get a new perspective on life. Martial arts can indeed, 'Shape the World.'