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Teaching Children About Giving

The act of ‘giving’ and how it works can be tough to understand for a child. Sometimes the best way to explain something is through story and illustration.

Written by
Kovar's Satori Academy

The act of ‘giving’ and understanding how it works with others can be challenging for a child. Sometimes, the best way to explain something is through stories and illustrations. Here is a story we share with our younger martial arts students to help them understand what giving means and how it works.

A wise person once said, “Give without remembering – Receive without forgetting.” But what does that mean? Let's delve into a story to find out.

There was a girl named Suzie who spent a lot of time making a toy out of clay for her friend. She imagined how beautiful it would look on their desk. When she gave the toy to her friend, they said thank you and immediately took it outside to play with it in the dirt, along with their other favorite toys. Suzie was disappointed when she saw her carefully crafted toy among the dirt.

She shared her disappointment with her mother, who explained the true nature of giving. She told Suzie that the joy of giving lies in selecting or making the gift and in the act of giving itself. Once the gift is given and received, there are no further obligations or strings attached. If there are expectations or conditions placed on the gift, then it wasn't a true gift after all.

Later that day, Suzie's friend once again thanked her for the toy and explained that it was their most important toy, which they had placed above all the others. Suzie remembered her mother's words and realized that while the toy wasn't being used as she had hoped, her friend still cherished it in their own way.

At Kovar’s Satori Academy, our instructors tell stories like this one as a part of each martial arts class. We believe in the positive development and character growth of each student, not only as martial artists but also as key members of their community.

Through stories and lessons, we aim to teach our students about important values like giving, gratitude, and understanding. We want them to embrace the joy of giving without expecting anything in return and to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual's perspective.

By incorporating these stories into our martial arts classes, we hope to instill not only martial arts skills but also essential life lessons that will guide our students on their journey to become confident, respectful, and compassionate individuals.

At Kovar’s Satori Academy, we take pride in being a part of our students' positive development, character growth, and their overall contribution to the community. Together, through martial arts training and valuable life lessons, we shape the future leaders of tomorrow.