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Which Martial Art is best for beginners?

Which Martial Art is best for beginners?

Written by
Kovar's Satori Academy

Which Martial Art is best for beginners?

This is a very common question, but really hard to answer. The bottom line is, regardless of the style, everyone has to start somewhere. The best advice that we could give a beginner would be to visit several martial arts schools and watch classes. Don’t be afraid of large classes, that’s usually a good sign. Think about it in terms of visiting a good restaurant. If it’s not busy during prime time, it’s probably not a good restaurant. Generally speaking, the same thing is true for a martial arts academy.

It’s also good to watch an advanced class. Are there people in class that you can identify with? If the school has a large beginner class and a small advanced class, that could be a sign that retention isn’t that good. That’s why you’re looking for good-sized advanced classes as well.

When viewing classes, ask yourself if what they teach interests or excites you. If the answer is not an absolute yes, then it’s a clear no. Do you like the tone and energy the instructor brings to the class? Do students seem to be enjoying themselves? Does it seem safe? Does it appear that they are teaching age and skill-appropriate material?

At the end of the day, selecting a martial arts school and style is more art than science. View and then perhaps even try an introductory course with an open mind, and then trust your gut.

What is the most effective Martial Art?

Question Answered by Hanshi Kovar:

This is a question that I get asked a lot. As a multi-style Black-Belt and a lifetime martial artist, I have to say that I don’t have a definitive answer. You see, it really depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for pure self-defense taught in a quick, efficient manner? Are you looking for a way to blow off steam and get in shape? Are you young and athletic? Do you have a young child that you want to teach discipline and respect? Do you have a teenager that’s full of fire that needs role models and direction? Are you old and banged up? All these questions are helpful in deciding which art you should train in.

It’s been my experience that, unless you’re specifically looking for a particular art, the most important thing is the instructor and how the school makes you feel about yourself when you’re there. Is it a positive environment? Does it feel safe? Is it close enough to your house that you can get there two or three times a week? If the answer is no to any of these, the style really doesn’t matter because you won’t be staying there for very long.

Keep in mind that, especially in America, the name of the style will not always reflect what is taught in the school. Styles look more and more similar as time goes by because modern-day Martial Arts instructors tend to be more open-minded and diverse in knowledge. One instructor might say he teaches taekwondo and another one kenpo, but when you look at their students move, they might look very similar.

So taking all this into consideration, if I was forced to answer, I would say that the best martial art is the one that you fall in love with and will actually do.

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