Carmichael – Zoom & In-Person Classes

Use the link below to reserve a zoom or in-person class

Live Stream Schedule

Lil Samurai - Mon/Wed: 3:30pm - Sat: 10:00am
Junior All Ranks - Mon/Wed: 4:15pm
Junior Advanced - Mon/Wed: 5:00pm
Junior Black Belt - Mon/Wed: 6:30pm
Junior Black Belt Prep - Sat: 9:00am
Teen & Adult - Mon/Wed: 5:45pm - Sat: 9:00am
Teen & Adult Black Belt - Mon: 6:30pm - Thurs: 6:30pm - Sat: 9:00am

In-Person Classes at Gibbons Community Park - 4701 Gibbons Dr, Carmichael, CA 95608

Lil Samurai - Wed: 3:30pm - Fri: 4:45pm
Junior Beginner & Intermediate - Wed: 4:15pm - Fri: 4:00pm
Junior Advanced - Wed: 5:00pm - Fri: 4:00pm
Junior Black Belt - Wed: 6:30pm - Fri: 4:00pm
Junior Black Belt Prep - Fri: 5:30pm
Teen & Adult (Beg, Int, Adv) - Wed: 5:45pm - Fri: 5:30pm
Teen & Adult Black Belt - Wed: 6:30pm - Fri: 5:30pm
Krav - Fri: 6:15pm

Dojo Classes

Lil Samurai - Tue/Thurs: 5:00pm
Junior Beginner & Intermediate - Tue/Thurs: 3:30pm & 6:45pm
Junior Advanced - Tue/Thurs: 4:15pm & 6:45pm
Junior Black Belt - Tue/Thurs: 4:15pm & 7:30pm
Teen & Adult (Beg, Int, Adv) - Tue/Thurs: 5:45pm
Teen & Adult Black Belt - Tue/Thurs: 7:30pm
Krav - Tue/Thurs: 6:15pm

Registering for classes: Follow these instructions or watch this
Use the email address we have on file for you to access the Kovar’s Member Connect
• If needed, reset your Password by following the prompts
• Go to the “Calendar” and Select Member from the pulldown
• Change calendar view or days to see available classes and choose the class you want to attend, Zoom classes are Blue and In-Academy classes are Red
• You will receive a confirmation email after reserving and a reminder email an hour before class. If you registered for a Zoom class, your confirmation email will include the Zoom link.

Carmichael Private Instructor Lessons

We offer live video private lessons with our students, use the link and instructions below to book online.

• Use the BOOK NOW link to reserve a time
• Send a Friend request to the instructor: Alma Grimshaw and Sensei Noah Ondracek
• Request your platform of choice: Facebook messenger, Facetime or Zoom
• Wear your full uniform and belt
• Enjoy your lesson

Need Help?

Email this Academy
If you have any questions about connecting to member connect or to update your email on file send us an email.

Call us at (916) 481-4830
To reach us by phone.