The MAX Challenge

THE MAX CHALLENGE is a program designed to make lasting changes to your health, well-being, and appearance. This is accomplished through the combination of our fun fitness program, easy to follow nutrition, and positive motivation from our trained MAX Staff and members.


Our fitness program adjusts for any fitness ability with a variety of levels offered for each exercise. Classes are fun and full of variety – you won’t have the same class twice in 10-weeks. We offer these 45 minute classes 5 days a week and they are taught by our awesome MAX certified trainers.


Our easy to follow Nutritional plan is based on clean eating and whole foods. All of these regular foods can be found in your local grocery store. Our Certified MAX trainers will teach you how to create the right nutrition plan for you. They do this by helping you choose the right foods to eat, the right portions, and the right times of day to work with your metabolism and produce the results you’re looking for.


We have a positive “judgement free” environment where everyone celebrates each other’s victories while also helping hold each other accountable. At The MAX you have constant access to both your trainer and your MAX community for support. At the end of the day, it’s the combination of eating cleaner, getting our bodies moving (however that looks for each of us) and having fun with a positive group that really makes us the vehicle to help you transform your health and fitness.



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